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What's new in 2019

A word from the insiders.

New things are coming up for this new year, that will enhance the customer experience for shopping online at cheerfuldisctict, wich i'am sure everybody will love and enjoy their experience with this great Website.

Our ultra-convenient online shop offers speed, privacy, security and over all,  an Endless list of products (with new items added every week), so you can get whatever you need, whenever you’re in the mood to shop or in need of a specific product.  Cheerful Disctict affords customers unique all-season internet access to product categories and more.  Cheerful Disctict is not just a corner convenient store brand, but an easy and smart way to ensure that you get the perfect product at a very competitive price, that you can be comfortable with.

A new design of the frontpage, currently in design mode, will be more convenient and will be available in both languages English and French, soon to be coming up .

The myBlog section will be enhanced and will allow customers to share their experience of shopping online at Cheerful Disctict. Customers will be able to make evaluation of the products, the service and others experiences encounter while shopping with us. We will make sure their evaluation will be taken into account. Everybody is welcome to enhance the overall feel of their favorite shopping web site, available with the affiliation of distributors that we currently support, and as time goes by, many more enhancement will come online as we develop more and more idea to increase the customer experience and make it more simple to find products or related products that we offer online for quick references. Stay tune and put this shopping address in your favorite website, and visit us as often as you like.

What is cheerfuldisctict

Cheerfuldisctict is part of an affiliation or partnership program with major selling Platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart etc. We promote services and products that are offered on their respective platforms.

Our mission is to find out the best price, the best delay of shipping and the cost of handling for each product or service selected on our platform. As an example, if you live in Toronto Canada, it might be more advantageous to buy from a Canadian dealer’s even if the price show the item a little bit more expensive then the suggested retail price displayed, most of the time in US Dollars, so at the end if we calculate the handling charges, the cost of shipping, the money exchange etc. buying from out of the Country might be at the end more expensive.

At Cheerfuldistict we spend time and time browsing and getting informations about each item displayed on the reseller platform and we pride on selecting product that will be more advantageous for you the customer, so that we can have you save money and pay less at the end of the transaction. That's our mission and we loved it. We garantee you the best price available for each product we selected


Affiliation is it avantageous for me ?

The big advantage to pass by our platform is that most of the time, you will pay less, mostly due to our extensive researches about the best deal possible for each item posted on our website.

We pay a special attention about the cost and the delay of shipping as an example. It is obvious that if you buy an item that comes from California and you are living in Toronto there will be a cost of shipping in general a little bit higher then shipping from Canada.

How it work: if you as a consumer pass by our website and select a product you want to purchase, you will be directed to their product page or platform, and the transaction will be done between you and them at no extra cost, because the commission we receive is already included in their cost, the price showed for the product or service is the price you will pay and not a penny more.

The sales terms, conditions and guarantee are the ones applied by the platform you are executing a transaction with like, (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart or any other suppliers we are referring you to).

So at the end of the transaction you will have paid less for the same product, that if you purchase directly from their platform. Sometime the difference is minimal but most of the time there will be a big gain for you by purchasing the product or service from us. And that's the big advantage for you form us.

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