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Happy Farewell to your Cable provider

Our Review after 3 months

After a 3 month period of testing I highly recommending  Roku Express (model 3900) and/or Roku Streaming Stick for Canada.

Who is Roku?

Roku is the company that pioneered streaming for the TV.

Roku® is streaming players that connect to your TV as well as Roku TVs™ that have the streaming experience built in. Just connect them to the Internet, set up a Roku account, and start streaming. Roku is a more convenient and cost-effective way to watch TV.

What is a wireless broadcast system?

Wondering what are the benefits of these wireless broadcast systems?

First, say farewell to your CABLE provider and cut your monthly bills drastically.

Second, the ability to broadcast photos and videos stored in a phone, tablet or computer on the TV screen. In addition to these files recorded in a device, one can also broadcast programs or movies streaming from the Web into your TV set

What type of Internet connection do I need?

Roku devices perform well with most home broadband services (DSL or cable internet). Shows streamed in higher picture quality formats like 4K or HDR require higher internet speeds. (For specific requirements, check with your channel providers.) We don’t recommend using mobile hotspots as they aren’t usually as reliable as home broadband.

Do I need a high-speed internet connection?

Roku® streaming player or Roku TV provides you with access to stream video and music from the Internet. For this to work, your Roku streaming device must be connected to your home network in the same way that you connect your home computer or smartphone.

  • Note: You need a good network connection from your router* to the Roku streaming device, otherwise you may experience video playback issues.
  • For specific bandwidth requirements, check with your channel providers (e.g., Netflix).
  • We do not recommend using mobile hotspots considering they are generally not as reliable as home broadband.

Should I be concerned with bandwidth caps?

To stream movies and TV shows, your Roku device must download data from your channel providers. If you stream often, or you stream higher picture quality content, your Roku device must download larger amounts of data. Some ISPs have a limit, or a bandwidth cap, on the amount of data you can download in a given period of time before you incur additional fees. Contact your ISP to understand any applicable bandwidth caps.

A note on terminology:

The wireless network in your home is created by a device that is typically called a router but may also be referred to as a wireless access point, home gateway, or cable modem. This device is usually provided by your internet service provider or an independent company such as Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, or D-Link among others. In some cases, there is a single integrated device (router + modem), and in some cases the router and modem are separate. Here we will use the term ‘router’ as a generic term to refer to the network device that your Roku device is connected to via wireless. Your ISP or router vendor will provide specific information on their devices.

There’s a Roku player or Roku TV™ for everyone.

Roku® streaming players are an easy, convenient way to stream what you love to your 4K UHD, HD, or even older TV.

What kind of TV do you have?

I am not sure what kind of TV I have

If your TV does not have an HDMI port, it is a non-HD classic TV.

If your TV does have an HDMI port, it could either be HD or 4K. To determine which it is, it’s best to check your TV’s settings menu for the screen resolution.

  • 4K UHD TVs have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 with the highest picture quality, displaying over four times the resolution of HD.
  • HD TVs have a resolution of 720P and 1080P.
  • Non-HD TVs with composite connectors are found on older tube-type TVs and can be identified by three round connectors colored red, white and yellow.

Turn your older TV into a smart TV. It works with HDMI® or composite.

Which features do you want the most?

Just the essentials or the top-notch streaming; Roku® devices make it easy to stream just about anything. Movies, TV shows, news, and music. Blockbusters, big entertainment brands, and niche channels. Watch free or paid subscription content, or choose to rent or buy. It’s up to you. Free movies and TV shows on broadcast television.

Here is the top list of free channels:


Here is the top list of paid channels:


Here is the list of top rated channels:


There’s a Roku streaming player or Roku TV for everyone.

When you buy the Roku streaming player, you will soon realize that the possibilities are simply endless, especially for Canadian residents where cable Companies are charging an arm and a leg for their limited services.

After 3 months I am highly recommending this streamer.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the mean time we are providing with the links where you can explore more about these products.

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