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A quick view of Google assistant

Google’s main interest for home is to be able to voice control a set of hardware using the same voice recognition protocol.

It is a voice-driven service that answers questions, allows you to control smart home devices, plays music, and performs dozens of other really cool functions.

The favorite uses of Google Home right now are:

  • Search the Internet (75%),
  • Listen to music (59%),
  • Reading or listening to messages (51%),
  • Control connected devices in the house (40%),

Google Home simply works with a connected speaker that you place in the house so you can converse with it.

Google Assistant is now available on more than 400 million devices: connected speakers such as Google Home, Android Smartphone and tablets, iPhone, headsets, TVs, watches … Present in a dozen countries, including France, Japan, Canada in 8 different languages ​​(you can use your Google Assistant in 2 languages ​​or use it as a simultaneous translator)

How to add your compatible devices in the Google Home app

Action on Google

The brand new connected object is added from the Google Home app on your Smartphone available for Android and iOS. Here’s how to add your device to the Google Home app in minutes:

  • Install the Google app on your Smartphone, verify your account, you must also have a speaker with built-in Google Assistant or the Google Assistant app on your phone.
  • Install the specific application of your connected object, create your account (remember the login codes)
  • Then open the Google Home app, on the main screen, tap the + circle to “add”,
  • Select the first line “Configure a device”,
  • On the next screen, press the line with the channel symbol “You have already set up devices”.
  • Next, scroll down until you find the name of the third-party application for your product.
  • Validate the same connection information (those in step 2) and simply press “Allow”.
  • Next, it would also be a good idea to rename your device with a name that you will use in your voice commands. It would also be important to associate your object to a specific room where you will be using it.

Once installed and configured you will be discovering a totally fascinating new world that I am sure you never expected.

We are listing below a very condensed guide to first how to use the assistant and the very basic commands, but remember whatever you have in mind, your assistant will be able to answer you.

Here is a friendly list of Google Assistant Commands

Note: Several of these commands require individual accounts with their corresponding services, most of which are free. You’ll be prompted by Google Assistant to set up your accounts when using one of these commands for the first time.

Connecting objects with Google Home is valid for all devices or apps to connect to Google Home: make sure your items are set to the same Wi-Fi network as Google Home.

The setting is done from the Google Home app.

Enjoyable times with families and friends commands

Google Assistant lets you play some really enjoyable audio-centric games 

  • Play a game with my family
  • Let’s play Song Pop
  • Let’s play Movie Trivia
  • Play Tic-tac-toe
  • Let’s play Jungle discovery

Health and fitness commands

Whether you’re looking for beauty tips, a virtual workout partner or just need help.

  • I want to talk to Web Med
  • Talk to Fitness Tips
  • Talk to Beauty Helper
  • Talk to Tennis Coach
  • Ask Fit bit Coach for exercises
  • Talk to Calorie Tracker

Sports Commands

Want to know who won the last race at Santa Anita? No matter your sports-related question, Google Assistant will answer it.

  • Who won the [team name] game?
  • Who scored for the [team name]?
  • When and where do the [team name] play next?
  • Talk to Score Tracker
  • Ask PGA or LPGA TOUR where is the next tournament
  • Talk to Football Coach
  • Talk to Horses Racing Results
  • Talk to Nascar Schedule

Shopping Commands

Online shopping made easier with Google assistant

One of the main function of Google Assistant is buying a last-minute gift. These voice-enabled commands allow for a quick and easy hands-free shopping experience.

  • What can I buy?
  • Let me talk to eBay or Amazon
  • What’s the closest Mall and how to get there?
  • Talk to drug store
  • Talk to Product Hunter
  • Talk with a coupon specialist

Music and Podcast Commands

Enjoying time with friends

Google Home Assistant will enable devices to listening stations to your favorite tunes and podcasts. The following commands provide access to a plethora of radio stations, songs, and shows.

  • Play music (my favorite old songs channel)
  • What is the title of this song?
  • Play (Station Name)
  • Play ( artist, song or genre) on Spotify
  • Play YouTube Music
  • Play (podcast name) podcast

My daily routine Commands

My adviser

Never miss an appointment or overcook a meal with these handy commands that can help you in many different ways:

  • What’s on my schedule today?
  • Set an alarm
  • What’s my daily brief?
  • Set a reminder for my afternoon meeting
  • Set a timer for tonight dinner with Bob
  • Talk to  my Finance Adviser

My Educational Commands

Endless studies

Google Assistant can help you with many educational commands that can help you boost your vocabulary; learn a new language, among any other type of learning running into your mind:

  • Talk to University.com
  • Talk to My local Library
  • Ask wiki How
  • How do you say [word or phrase] in [language]?
  • What’s the definition of [word or term]?
  • Spell this word? and what is the right pronunciation?

News and Weather Commands

You can ask for weather around the world

Find out what’s going on around the world or around the block with these helpful commands, it will also provide detailed weather forecasts and financial market updates.

  • Tell me the International news
  • Talk to Bloomberg about the currencies
  • Talk to Twitter Trends
  • What’s the Miami weather just now?
  • Play the news from CNN News Summary
  • Ask for the World forecast
  • Talk to in house temperature

Travel Commands

Flight information

Explore and book an entire trip, including transportation and lodging, with these travel-based commands anywhere in the world.

  • Directions to [destination address]
  • Call a Cab
  • Find a hotel in downtown Amsterdam
  • talk to Trivago, Expedia or any other
  • Talk to my favorite restaurants for a reservation
  • What to visit in [city name] and when is it the best time
  • Status of [flight name/number] for my Saturday trip to New York
  • Talk to enterprise rent a car

I am hoping this article will be helpful. Just remember that your assistant has in storage endless information, you just need to ask.

If you are feeling to explore more here are the link I suggest:

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