Way to do business today VS Yesterday!

Way to do business today VS yesterday
Good old time
Nowadays trade is done quite differently.

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As we all know pretty well, Trade today is no longer done in the same way as in the 60s, back in time; it was enough to shake hands to formalize a transaction between two parties. Nowadays there are several intermediaries that are usually automated which are processing your order instead of humans, for better or for worse.

Importance of rating a Merchant

We are convinced you want the best for you potential customers

It gives e-retailers some type of measures about their products or services satisfaction by consumers around the planet. Without these guidelines, trade could become a free for all. We are convinced that there is not 1 manufacturer in the world who would like this to happen because they know pretty well that they would be out of business quickly. It is also worth noting that 99.9% of them are very serious and are treating different issues involving customer’s satisfaction with due diligence. We all must also understand that they are as valuable for the sellers as the buyers because when a glitch happens in their system, they want to be the first to be aware to make the necessary corrections as soon as possible and more important, to not spread out the same mistake.

Why this lack of comments?

The problem is that still too few buyers take time to give their opinion (a little more than 60%) on their purchases probably because they are possibly thinking that these comments are futile, but on the contrary they are so important at least a high standard of quality regardless of the price paid for the item (s) you purchased.
We know that out of the ones that wrote an opinion, 80% of potential customers read reviews online before buying a product or service, 72% of consumers trust online reviews and 81% of consumers include reviews in their purchase process.

All comments are coded and indexed by Google to improve or not the credibility of the e-retailers; it is reassuring to do business with a company whose customers are satisfied. The collection of reviews, in general, requires only the email addresses from the client, they can also be used for sending an e-newsletter!

Service is definitely the keyword for success

Fear for negative comments

Addressing the issues raised by negative reviews will automatically improve the service offered; the merchant has to show to customers that he is serious and attentive! Nobody is perfect and mistakes can happen, but not a repetition. In general, consumers are conciliatory, the only thing they do not want is to be taken for idiots. One other very important thing is, An answer to all “sauces” shows that customer reviews are not considered important by the merchant. It is up to the consumer to judge. It can be considered an extraordinary power to improve things. This power can become as important as the right to vote in an election. Remember, it’s not possible to ignore negative customer review. No matter how much the merchant wants them to disappear, the outcome will be solved only by responding appropriately. and with diligence, so it is not in the interest of the merchant to ignore such issue.

We sincerely look forward to hear from you

The MyBlog section will be enhanced and will allow customers to share their experience of shopping online using the Cheerful Disctict Platform. customers will be able to make an evaluation of products and /or services, as well as other experiences encountered while using our platform. We will make sure that each and every comment is taken into account.

Everyone is welcome to enhance the overall feel of their favorite Affiliate web site, and as time goes by, much more surprises will come online as we are in the development phase as to increase the customer experience and make it more simple to find products or related products that we offer online for quick references. Stay tuned and put this shopping address as your favorite website, and visit us as often as you like. We will be dedicating a great part of our Blog collecting your precious comments to make sure your voice will be heard as to improve the whole process, to the consumer’s advantage.

your new home Cheerful Disctict
Your new home Cheerful Disctict

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