Morning happiness included in each pod

Our new way to drink coffee

Long gone are the days when going out for a coffee meant ordering a mug of instant coffee

Nespresso has changed our habit

Since Nestlé introduced Nespresso in the 1990s, its little capsules have changed the way we consume coffee. More than thirty percent of Michelin-starred restaurants now serve Nespresso pods, and the machines invaded the whole world, the variety of taste and possibly the pretty-colored capsules incited some to convert. I must say that since my first cup with the machine we bought 6 months ago, I will admit that I am definitely converted to coffee pods. Drinking a coffee now is always a very comforting and different experience.

The new coffee specialists!

They are real artists

I must say that I am really not a specialist in Nespresso or other Brands, especially when I am reading the thousands of review on the Internet and talking with peoples I know about their experience with “Coffee”; I realize that there are as many specialists as there are coffee drinkers and I need to recognize that the language used by many specialists is worthy of a language describing a scientific action. I personally think that flavor is very subjective; some people like it strong/bitter with nuance or not and others prefer smooth, so it’s all about finding the right flavor for you.

Flavors we’ve already sampled

Nespresso customer’s service!

I rarely bought a product with such an extensive customer service after the sale than this Company, I am always amazed how they are working hard to help you find a solution that suit you each time you require their help. Nowadays we are not used to it. I remember one day I called for information and the technician who took care of me promised me to send me some extra tips to get the most from my machine and guess what? 2 days later I had an email from him with a list of helpful tips to maximize my machine’s performance as well as to find the ultimate flavor.

Helpful tips from the technician!

I will share with you some of those:

  • Use the right capsule for the right type of coffee: Lungo capsules contain a coarser grained coffee, giving more space for the larger amount of water to pass through. This will let your machine last longer and produces better flavors.
  • Use long-life milk for milk recipes: Generally, long-life milk will foam better. Fresh milk has been transported close to the freezing temperature, changing the protein structures that allow your milk to foam.
  • Leave the lid off you Aeroccino when frothing milk: Something I only learned recently, but you get nicer froth without the lid on the Aeroccino.
  • Use the de-scaling kit from Nespresso: Vinegar does not dissolve chalk stuck in your machine, it simply makes it detach from whatever it is stuck to. This means you can get flakes of chalk stuck in your machine’s nozzles. Also, vinegar will corrode rubber tubing in your machine. To make your machine last longer, use the original de-scaling kit. Also, de-scale on a regular basis, as not doing so will affect the flavors in your brew.
  • Nespresso machines that are out of warranty have a fixed rate for repair: Once your machine is out of warranty, if it breaks, Nespresso will always charge a flat fee determined by the model of the machine. They will pick up the machine at your house, leave behind a temporary replacement and exchange them again once your machine is repaired.
  • Nespresso can be reached 24/7: Christmas Eve, 10 PM, your Nespresso U shows three blinking lights. No matter what, you can’t seem to make a normal cup of coffee. No worries, call Nespresso and they will help you out.

helpful Nespresso the club!

It is quite easy to order

A quick search on the internet, however, showed me several sites specializing in different flavors and different accessories to make coffee tasting really unique.

I think the best reference to date as neophyte as far as I am concerned is the following website:

They are really qualified and dedicated in what they do. I felt in the people to whom I had contacts that it became a real passion. The important thing to do when you buy a machine is to register it so you can enjoy all the Nespresso privileges that are plentiful once we are a member, just to name few, for example:

1- Nespresso club assistance offers the best of your machine and Aeroccino milk frother. You simply have to enter your model in the proper space on their site.

2- You can order online 24/7 through the mobile application, or by phone.

You can also sign up for their automatic and recurring orders plan. You also have the possibility to set up your reordering alert; it will remind you when it is time to order.

3- You can visit the machine assistance videos. It can solve your problem or inform you on how your machine is working.

4- I was really surprised to discover that Nespresso offers different recycling solutions depending on where you live in Canada. Using their recycling bags it is delivered to a recycling facility where the coffee grounds are separated from the aluminum Content. They are then composted and the aluminum recycled.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have bought this machine; I think it will become my Purchase of the year.

I hope you the information provided will be helpful to you, enjoy your coffee! enjoy it!

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